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M1 Capital guides investors into the digital economy powered by blockchain.

The M1 Approach

M1 Capital offers investors the opportunity to gain ​​strategic exposure towards digital assets, and to capitalize on inefficient market conditions. Our investment approach combines exposure, arbitrage, and staking strategies to deliver our investors all the benefits digital assets and blockchain have to offer. Our products offer complementary returns across a broad range of strategies.

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Our products

A1 Fund

A1 algorithmically seeks and exploits certain inefficiencies present in the digital asset markets. Its objective is to provide participants with stable and market neutral returns.

Return since inception (Apr' 21): 150.8%

Management fee: 2%

Return year-to-date: 18.9%

Performance fee: 20%

X1 Fund

X1 provides investors with ​​strategic exposure towards top-tier digital assets, using in house analysis and algorithms. In addition, X1 uses its assets in custody to generate secure additional yield by means of staking.

Return since inception (Apr '20): 831.4%

Management fee: 2%

Return year-to-date: 41.2%

Performance fee: 20%

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A1 or X1 Fund?

The strategies of A1 and X1 are two very different approaches to take advantage of everything digital assets have to offer, and we do not generally advise one over the other. An investment in A1 makes use of the inefficiencies algorithmically found in the digital asset space and will generally yield steady positive returns. An investment in X1 is an investment in the growth of the industry and can be considered a longer-term investment. We believe that a combination of both fund is the strongest method to enter this market.

How can I keep track of my investment?

Every investor will have access to their personal dashboard via our website. Using this dashboard, you can find all necessary documents regarding your investment, and the total value of the investment.

How are the funds kept safe?

Fund safety is one of our main priorities. When any digital asset is acquired through one of our thoroughly vetted partner exchanges, they are immediately transferred into our own custody using Fireblocks. With Fireblocks, the assets under our custody and in transfer are insured, causing the assets to not have any counterparty risk, even if Fireblocks itself becomes insolvent.

What is the minimum investment amount?

X1 Fund and A1 Fund are both registered at the Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM), which oblige that the minimum investment amount for each fund is EUR 100,000.

When can I enter either A1 or X1 Fund?

We accept new investors throughout the month, but only on the first day of each month the investment will become active.

How are the investment returns taxed?

Dutch private individuals investing in either A1 Fund or X1 Fund pay taxes in the Dutch box 3. Entities with participations or other situations could involve other tax obligations. In these cases, we strongly advise consulting your tax advisor.

Our partners

We have partnered with some of the leading companies in the industry in order to build an institutional grade infrastructure, acquire and secure our digital assets, participate in staking, and increase transparency towards our investors.


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