X1 Fund

We take away the hurdles of security and asset allocation and invest in digital assets, based on a self-defined selection and rebalancing process. This results in a strategic portfolio where we carefully select assets and define weights on a monthly basis.
X1 uses its idle assets to generate extra yield by means of staking. In other words, we put our digital assets to work and earn safe passive income without the assets leaving our custody.
By investing in X1 participants not only have access to a growing market but also earn a continuous interest on their investment. This will result in a secure and diversified portfolio which will give exposure in many digital assets, sectors and technologies.

The graph below indicates the year-to-date performance of our X1 Fund. Inception of our strategies took place in April 2020. Please refer to our factsheet for the returns per month since inception.

All 1 Year 90 Days 30 Days
All 1 Year 90 Days 30 Days
0 %
Return since inception
0 %
Return year-to-date

and continuity

X1 captures the majority of the qualitative digital assets and diversifies the investors funds.


staking yields

X1 validates blockchain transactions while the assets remain under custody, generating secure extra yields.


grade security

X1 has partnered with the industry’s leading companies, in order to facilitate institutional grade storing, transferring and staking of the digital assets.


Industry leading
low fees

Due to its cost-effective nature, X1 offers participants industry leading low management and performance fees.

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