A1 Fund

A1 Fund algorithmically seeks and exploits certain inefficiencies present in the digital asset space. Its objective is to provide participants with stable and market neutral returns.
The strategy will not be affected by the behaviour of the underlying assets as these risks are immediately hedged, causing the strategy to be market neutral. Active research is performed to improve the current strategy or to find alternative inefficiencies to profit from.
A1 Fund is a perfect addition for those who want to experience positive returns regardless of the direction of the market. The strategies used in A1 Fund are characterized by their low-volatility returns and do not have a specific short- or long-term horizon.

The graph below indicates the performance of our A1 Fund. The performance is shown starting from the inception of the strategies at March 2021. All stated results have been checked and accredited by an independent accounting firm. Benchmarks are iShares Core MSCI Europe (EUR) and Bitcoin (EUR).

All 1 Year 90 Days 30 Days
All 1 Year 90 Days 30 Days
0 %
Return since inception
0 %
Return year-to-date


A1 hedges all risks and exposure in the underlying assets, creating a directionally neutral market position.



A1 hedges its positions to couteract the effects of large or sudden moves in the market and as a result it provides investors with consistent low-volatility returns.



As the strategy is designed to be market neutral and due to its low correlation with other asset classes, A1 is a perfect addition to X1 or any other type of investment.



A1 is constantly being monitored form a fundamental and risk management standpoint on a real time basis. This way, all models are continuously optimezed.

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